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Welcome to ggComics.com. We are a work in progress and we always try to find new creative and interactive ways to express our ideas.This platform was created to introduce to a wider audience George A. Gechev's comic book  art. Here you will find the newest and latest comic  books and illustrations from the creator of AnniexZ1RO and the epic adventures of The Grunge from the all new and original saga SLEEP. So take a deep breath and dive into the world of ggComics. Have fun! 

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George A. Gechev
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Founder of ggComics , creator  of AnniexZ1R0  and SLEEP
George A. Gechev - born Bulgarian, raised Torontonian and currently a London, Uk based illustrator. He has always stayed true to his passion for art, film and the craft of the comic book. He has spend few years studying Art Fundamentals in Sheridan Collage of Applied Arts, Oakville, Canada., then moved on to Toronto,  where he specialised in Digital Media Arts, Photography and Film. His creativity has led him to work on many and different projects throughout the past half a decade. 2016 marks the first official print of his original work  AnniexZiro and the long awaited saga SLEEP. 

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